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Prolepsis is the on-line book review journal for English studies.

Prolepsis publishes reviews of new and recent work in English studies, a field we consider to be spacious and varied. We are trying to reflect the richness of our disciplines rather than to reinforce existing orthodoxies.

We particularly encourage the reviewing of studies written in languages other than English. Many of these studies deserve to be acknowledged internationally; a review in English, available world-wide and with the speed we intend to make our hallmark, can help generate interest in work that would otherwise be confined to one country's academic community.

With the help of its transnational advisory board, Prolepsis aims to create a community of reviewers from a variety of different academic cultures. As an additional feature, we provide the authors and editors of the volumes reviewed with space to write short response notes which will be published and archived just like the reviews themselves. Thus, we intend to turn the traditionally monological reviewing process into a dialogue between reviewer and reviewed. We cordially invite all scholars in English Studies to join that dialogue.

 Thomas Rommel (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)
 Peter Paul Schnierer (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
 Richard J. Utz (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)


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