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DATE & FILENAME: review published on "date": filename of review

AUTHOR & TITLE: John Wilson Swope. Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching Romeo and Juliet (1993); Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching Julius Caesar (1993); Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching Hamlet (1994); Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching Macbeth (1994); Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching Much Ado About Nothing (1997); Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching A Midsummer Night's Dream (1997). (Shakespeare Teacher's Activities Library) West Nyack: Center for Applied Research in Education. (xv, 219 p. ISBN: 0876281145; xiv, 225 p. ISBN: 087628117X; xiv, 255 p. ISBN: 0876281161; ix, 245 p. ISBN: 0876281153; xiv, 235 p. ISBN: 0876289146; xiv, 223 p. ISBN: 0876289154).

REVIEWED BY: Richard J. Utz

KEYWORDS: Whole-Language-Approach; Shakespeare; Pedagogy

DATE & FILENAME: 15.12.1997; 97_1_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Sandra Sherman, Finance and Fictionality in the Early Eighteenth Century: Accounting for Defoe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. xii, 222 p. ISBN: 0521481546

REVIEWED BY: Thomas Rommel

KEYWORDS: Defoe, credit, 18th century

DATE & FILENAME: 15.12.1997; 97_2_rom.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Bruce Chatwin. Anatomy of Restlessness. Selected Writings 1969-1989. Ed. Jan Borm and Matthew Graves. Harmondsworth, Middlesex; New York: Penguin, 1996. p. IX, 205. ISBN: 0-224-04292-0

REVIEWED BY: Richard Utz

KEYWORDS: Bruce Chatwin, Biography, Anatomy of Restlessness

DATE & FILENAME: 15.12.1997; 97_3_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Margarita Giménez Bon and Vickie Olsen eds. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Spanish Society for Medieval English Language and Literature. SELIM, Department of English: University of the Basque Country, 1997. 384 p. ISBN: 84-605-6844-X

REVIEWED BY: Bernardo Santano Moreno

KEYWORDS: Selim, Old English, Middle English, English Medieval Studies in Spain

DATE & FILENAME: 15.1.1998; ; 98_1_mor.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Carolyn Hares-Stryker ed. An Anthology of Pre-Raphaelite Writings. Washington Square: New York University Press, 1997. 391 p., [16] p. of plates; ISBN: 0814735525 (cloth) 0814735533 (pbk.)

REVIEWED BY: Leslie J. Workman

KEYWORDS: Pre-Raphaelites, Arthurianism, Medievalism

DATE & FILENAME: 15.1.1998; 98_2_wor.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Michèle Cohen. Fashioning Masculinity: National Identity and Language in the Eighteenth Century. London and New York: Routledge, 1996. ISBN: xii, 177 p. : ill. ISBN: 0415107369

REVIEWED BY: Stephen H. Gregg

KEYWORDS: Masculinity, Education, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

DATE & FILENAME: 15.2.1998; 98_3_gre.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Carol Poster and Richard J. Utz eds. Constructions of Time in the Late Middle Ages (= Disputatio 2). Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1997. 206 p, 9 black-and-white figures. ISBN: 0-8101-1541-7

REVIEWED BY: Sigmund Eisner

KEYWORDS: Time, Contingency, Freedom of the Will, Sufi, Viking Travel, Astrolabe, Joachim of Fiore, Chaucer

DATE & FILENAME: 15.3.1998; 98_4_eis.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Michael Rewa ed. The Year's Work in Medievalism 1991. Holland, MI: Studies in Medievalism, 1996. 291 p. ISSN 0899-3106.

REVIEWED BY: Richard H. Osberg

KEYWORDS: Medievalism, Arthurianism, Proceedings

DATE & FILENAME: 15.3.1998; 98_5_osb.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Calvin Thomas. Male Matters: Masculinity, Anxiety, and the Male Body on the Line. Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1996. xii, 245 p. ISBN: 0-252-02202-5

REVIEWED BY: Mark Osteen

KEYWORDS: Masculinity; Anality; James Joyce; Abjection;

DATE & FILENAME: 15.4.1998; 98_6_ost.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Heinz-Gerd Schmitz. Das Mandeville-Dilemma. Untersuchungen zum Verhältnis von Politik und Moral. [The Mandeville-Dilemma. Investigating the Relationship Between Politics and Morals]. Köln: Dinter, 1997. 333 p. ISBN: 3-924794-38-3

REVIEWED BY: Thomas Rommel

KEYWORDS: common good; government; Mandeville; Hume; Smith;

DATE & FILENAME: 29.9.1998; 98_7_rom.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Herbert Eiden. "In der Knechtschaft werdet ihr verharren ...": Ursachen und Verlauf des englischen Bauernaufstandes von 1381. Trier: Trierer Historische Forschungen, Vol. 32, 1995. 529 pages plus maps. ISBN: 3-923087-31-4

REVIEWED BY: Grover C. Furr

KEYWORDS: Middle Ages, medieval, peasants, revolt, 1381, feudalism, crisis

DATE & FILENAME: 20.10.1998; 98_8_fur.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Carol Poster and Richard J. Utz eds. The Late Medieval Epistle (= Disputatio 1). Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1996. 229 p. ISBN: 0-8101-1449-6

REVIEWED BY: José María Gutiérrez Arranz and Ricardo J. Sola Buil

KEYWORDS: Rhetoric and epistolary genre. Late Medieval and Early Modern periods. Tradition and modernity. Form and subjectivity. The feminine subject.

DATE & FILENAME: 4.11.1998; 98_9_arr.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Hugo Keiper, Christoph Bode, and Richard J. Utz, eds. Nominalism and Literary Discourse. Amsterdam and Atlanta, Georgia: Rodopi, 1997. 370 pp. Index. ISBN (bound): 90-420-0288-3. ISBN (paper): 90-420-0278-6.

REVIEWED BY: David Metzger

KEYWORDS: nominalism, early modern literature, medieval literature, critical theory

DATE & FILENAME: 19.1.1999; 99_1_met.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Helen Ruth Andretta. Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde": A Poet's Response to Ockhamism. New York: Peter Lang, 1997. pp. x, 1- 201. ISBN: 0-8204-3361-6

REVIEWED BY: John Micheal Crafton

KEYWORDS: Troilus, Ockham, nominalism

DATE & FILENAME: 1.2.1999; 99_2_cra.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: David Bindman. Hogarth and his Times: Serious Comedy. Exhibition catalogue. London, British Museum, Sept, 26, 1997 - Jan, 4, 1998; Berkeley Art Museum, University of California, Jan - Apr, 1998; Ottawa, National Gallery of Canada, June - Aug, 1998; New York, Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, Sept - Nov, 1998. Berkeley, Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1997. 208 pp. ISBN: 0-520-21299-1 (cloth.), 0-520-21300-9 (pbk.)

REVIEWED BY: Thomas W. Rieger

KEYWORDS: Hogarth, art history, prints, 18th-century aesthetics

DATE & FILENAME: 2.2.1999; 99_3_rie.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Walter F. Greiner/Fritz Kemmler, eds. Realismustheorien in England (1692-1919). Texte zur historischen Dimension der englischen Realismusdebatte. Zweite, vollständig überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag 1997 xxxviii + 230 pp. ISBN 3-8233-5172- 9

REVIEWED BY: Wolfgang G. Müller

KEYWORDS: theory of realism, English novel

DATE & FILENAME: 22.2.1999; 99_4_mue.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Alcuin Blamires, The Case for Women in Medieval Culture. Oxford: Clarendon Press, OUP, 1997. Pp.279. Includes Bibliography, index. ISBN 0-19-818256-2. $62.57.

REVIEWED BY: Bonnie Wheeler

KEYWORDS: women's studies, gender studies, anti-misogyny, medieval women, Abelard, Christine de Pizan, Chaucer

DATE & FILENAME: 5.3.1999; 99_5_whe.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Michael Raab, Erfahrungsräume: Das englische Drama der neunziger Jahre. Trier: WVT, 1999. Pp. 150. [CDE Studies vol. 4]. 150pp. ISBN 3-88476-355-5. DM 35.-

REVIEWED BY: Peter Paul Schnierer

KEYWORDS: English drama 1990-2000

DATE & FILENAME: 20.10.1999; 99_6_sch.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Antony Rowland, Emma Liggins and Eriks Uskalis, eds., Signs of Masculinity: Men in Literature 1700 to the Present. Amsterdam and Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 1998. 274 pp. ISBN 9042005939 Price $22.00

REVIEWED BY: Calvin Thomas

KEYWORDS: Feminism, Masculinity, Gender Theory, British Literature

DATE & FILENAME: 16.11.1999; 99_7_cal.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Sebastian Bott, 'Friends and lovers of virtue': Tugendethische Handlungsorientierungen im Kontext der Schottischen Aufklärung 1750-1800. [Moral-ethical Discourse and Practice in the Scottish Enlightenment] Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 1999. (Scottish Studies International 27). Diss. Zürich University, 1997. ISBN 3-631-34272-1. 267 pp., DM 79,--

REVIEWED BY: Stefanie Lethbridge

KEYWORDS: 18th-century, moral philosophy, the Moderates

DATE & FILENAME: 24.11.1999; 99_8_let.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Richard Utz and Tom Shippey, eds. Medievalism in the Modern World: Essays in Honour of Leslie Workman. Turnhout: Brepols, 1998. xiv, 452 p., 3 leaves of plates. ISBN 2-503-50166-4.

REVIEWED BY: Louise D'Arcens

KEYWORDS: Medievalism / Mediaevalism, Reception History, Medieval Culture in Post-Medieval Times

DATE & FILENAME: 29.2.2000; 00_1_dar.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Krieg der Bilder: Druckgraphik als Medium politischer Auseinandersetzung im Europa des Absolutismus. Wolfgang Cilleßen (ed.). Exhibition catalogue. Berlin, Deutsches Historisches Museum, Dec, 1997 - March, 1998. Berlin: G + H Verlag, 1997. 363 pp. ISBN: 3-931768-16-3 (cloth.), 3-86102-099-8 (pbk.)

REVIEWED BY: Thomas W. Rieger

KEYWORDS: political pamphlets, prints, 17th-century Europe, Romeyn de Hooghe, political allegory

DATE & FILENAME: 6.3.2000; 00_2_rie.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Marcus Walsh, Shakespeare, Milton, and Eighteenth-Century Literary Editing: The Beginnings of Interpretive Scholarship. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997. Xii + 225 pp. ISBN 0 521 55443 8. Price: £37.50; $64.95.

REVIEWED BY: Jesse G. Swan

KEYWORDS: Shakespeare, Milton, scholarly editing, interpretation

DATE & FILENAME: 7.3.2000; 00_3_swa.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: R.W. McConchie, Lexicography and Physicke: The Record of Sixteenth-Century English Medical Terminology. Oxford Studies in Lexicography and Lexicology. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1997.

REVIEWED BY: Louise M. Bishop

KEYWORDS: Early Modern medicine, sixteenth-century printed books, and lexicography

DATE & FILENAME: 9.5.2000; 00_4_bis.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Susanne Schmid, Byron - Shelley - Keats. Ein biographisches Lesebuch. München: DTV, 1999. 325 pps, ISBN 3-423-12627-2, 19,90 DM

REVIEWED BY: Thomas Rommel

KEYWORDS: Romanticism, Byron, Shelley, Keats, introduction

DATE & FILENAME: 10.5.2000; 00_5_rom.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Rosalyn Rossignol. Chaucer A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Life and Works. New York: Facts on File, 1999. 432 pp. ISBN: 0-8160-3296-3 (hardbound). Price $ 50.-

REVIEWED BY: Richard Utz

KEYWORDS: Geoffrey Chaucer, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Reference books, Biography

DATE & FILENAME: 11.5.2000; 00_6_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Claudia Sternberg, Written for the Screen. The American Motion-Picture Screenplay as Text. Tübingen: Stauffenburg, 1997. Pp. 260 + XIV. [Transatlantic Perspectives vol. 8]. ISBN 3-86057-338-1. DM 78,-

REVIEWED BY: Eckart Voigts-Virchow

KEYWORDS: screenplay, structuralism, film theory, Autorenfilm

DATE & FILENAME: 25.5.2000; 00_7_vog.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Krystyna Kujawinska-Courtney and Ryszard M. Machnikowski, eds. Liberalism Yesterday and Today. (Lódz: British and Commonwealth Studies Centre, Institute of International Studies, University of Lódz, 1998). 212pp. ISBN 8386370564.

REVIEWED BY: Zygmunt Mazur

KEYWORDS: liberalism, history, politics, toleration, education

DATE & FILENAME: 25.10.2000; 00_8_maz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Margaret Norris, ed. A Companion to James Joyce's Ulysses: Biographical and Historical Contexts, Critical History, and Essays from Five Contemporary Critical Perspectives [Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism, ed. Ross C. Murfin]. Boston and New York: Bedford Books, 1998. 255 pp. ISBN: 0-312-11598-9

REVIEWED BY: Franz Meier

KEYWORDS: Joyce, Ulysses, Contemporary Critical Theory

DATE & FILENAME: 20.12.2000; 00_9_mei.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Lois Potter, ed., Playing Robin Hood: The Legend as Performance in Five Centuries. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1998. 254 pps, ISBN 0-87413-663-6

REVIEWED BY: William Fitzhenry

KEYWORDS: Robin Hood, performance

DATE & FILENAME: 20.12.2000; 00_10_fit.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: John Paul Riquelme, ed. Tess of the D'Urbervilles, by Thomas Hardy. Boston: Bedford Books/Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism series, 1998. Pp. 606. ISBN 0-312-10688-2.

REVIEWED BY: Samuel Lyndon Gladden

KEYWORDS: Hardy, Tess, criticism

DATE & FILENAME: 20.2.2001; 01_01_gla.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Kershner, R.B., Twentieth-Century Novel: An Introduction. New York: Bedford Books, 1997. V+148 pp. ISBN 0-312-10244-5 (paperback): 0-312-1637-2 (hardcover). $ 12.95.

REVIEWED BY: Grace Ann Hovet

KEYWORDS: novel, twentieth century, modernism, postmodernism

DATE & FILENAME: 10.3.2001; 01_02_hov.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Peter C. Herman, ed. Day Late, Dollar Short: The Next Generation and the New Academy. Albany: SUNY P, 2000., 233 p., ISBN: 0-7914-4682-8

REVIEWED BY: Risa P. Gorelick

KEYWORDS: literary theory, education, English studies

DATE & FILENAME: 12.3.2001; 01_03_gor.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Eugene Goodheart, Does Literary Studies Have a Future? University of Wisconsin Press, 1999. 120 pages. ISBN 0-299-16654-6. Paper $14.95.

REVIEWED BY: Scott Cawelti

KEYWORDS: Literature Pedagogy, Literary Theory, Literary Canons and Curricula

DATE & FILENAME: 30.10.2001; 01_04_caw.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Max Saunders, Ford Madox Ford, A Dual Life, Volume I, The World Before the War, pp.632, and Volume II, The After-War World, pp.696, Oxford University Press, 1996. [ISBN 0-299-16654-6 Paper $14.95]

REVIEWED BY: Giovanni Cianci

KEYWORDS: F. Madox Ford, Modernism, Biography

DATE & FILENAME: 30.10.2001; 01_05_cia.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: James Gallant, ed. The Year’s Work in Medievalism: 1995, Vol. X (1999). Holland, Michigan: Studies in Medievalism, 2000. viii, 270pp. ISSN: 0899-3106.

REVIEWED BY: Stephanie Trigg

KEYWORDS: Medievalism, Medieval Culture, Medieval Revival

DATE & FILENAME: 9.11.2001; 01_06_tri.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Stephanie Trigg. Congenial Souls: Reading Chaucer from Medieval to Postmodern. Medieval Cultures Series, Volume 30. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2002. xxiv + 280 pp. ISBN 0-8166-3823-3.

REVIEWED BY: J. Stephen Russell

KEYWORDS: Chaucer, reception, critical theory, history of criticism, medievalism

DATE & FILENAME: 22.4.2002; 02_01_rus.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: David Matthews, The Making of Middle English, 1765-1910. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Medieval Cultures Series, Volume 18, 1999. 231 pps. ISBN: 0-8166-3185-9

REVIEWED BY: Julian Wasserman

KEYWORDS: Middle English, editing

DATE & FILENAME: 25.2.2003; 03_01_was.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Nicholas Frankel, Oscar Wilde’s Decorated Books. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press. 231 pps. ISBN: 0-472-11069-1

REVIEWED BY: Samuel Lyndon Gladden

KEYWORDS: Oscar Wilde, Charles Ricketts, aesthetics and marketing, book decoration

DATE & FILENAME: 25.2.2003; 03_02_gla.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: European English Studies: Contributions towards the History of the Discipline, ed. Balz Engler and Renate Haas ([Leicester]: The English Association, 2000). Pp. ii + 388pp. ISBN: 0-900-23223-4.

REVIEWED BY: Richard Utz

KEYWORDS: History of the Discipline, English Studies in Europe, Archaeology of the Discipline, European Society for the Study of English

DATE & FILENAME: 08.4.2003; 03_03_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Hannah Jacobmeyer,Märchen und Romanzen in der zeitgenössischen englischen Literatur. Münster: LIT, 2000. Pp. 224. [Erlanger Studien zur Anglistik und Amerikanistik vol. 2]. ISBN 3-8258-4686-5. € 35.90

REVIEWED BY: Mark Schreiber

KEYWORDS: fairy tale, romance, postmodernism, intertextuality

DATE & FILENAME: 10.4.2003; 03_04_sch.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Andrew Delbanco, ed., Writing New England: An Anthology from the Puritans to the Present. Cambridge and London: Harvard University Press, 2001. xxix + 463 pp. ISBN 0-674-00603-8.

REVIEWED BY: Anne G. Myles

KEYWORDS: New England tradition, regionalist writing, literary anthology

DATE & FILENAME: 27.6.2003; 03_05_myl.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Pamela Allen Brown, Better a Shrew than a Sheep: Women, Drama, and the Culture of Jest in Early Modern England (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2003), xi + 222 (text only), 253 (text and bibliography). $19.95. ISBN 0-801-48836-2.

REVIEWED BY: Donnalee Dox

KEYWORDS: Feminist Studies, Performance Studies, Early Modern Drama, Culture of Jest

DATE & FILENAME: 26.10.2003; 03_06_dox.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: A.D. Mills, A Dictionary of British Place Names. (Oxford Paperback Reference) Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. 533p. ISBN: 0-19-852758-6.

REVIEWED BY: Richard Utz

KEYWORDS: Place-names, Great Britain, Onomastics

DATE & FILENAME: 16.05.2004; 04_01_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Michael Alexander, A History of Old English Literature. (Peterborough, CA: Broadview, 2002). 299p. ISBN: 1-55111-322-8

REVIEWED BY: Gwendolyn Morgan

KEYWORDS: Anglo-Saxon Literature, Old English Literature, Literary History

DATE & FILENAME: 28.08.2004; 04_02_mor.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Frank-Rutger Hausmann, 'Deutsche Geisteswissenschaft' im Zweiten Weltkrieg – Die 'Aktion Ritterbusch' (1940-1945). (Schriften zur Wissenschafts- und Universitätsgeschichte 1) Krottenmühl: Dresden University Press 1999. 414 S. Kart. DM 98,-. ISBN 3-933168-10-4

REVIEWED BY: Richard Utz

KEYWORDS: History of English Studies, Humanities during the Third Reich, History of English Studies as a Discipline, Scholarship and Totalitarianism, Philology and Ideology

DATE & FILENAME: 28.08.2004; 04_03_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Liliana Sikorska, An Outline History of English Literature. 2nd rev. edn. Poznán: Wydawnictwo Poznánskie, 2002, 541. ISBN 83-7177-003-0

REVIEWED BY: Richard Utz

KEYWORDS: Literary History, English Literature, Grand Narrative

DATE & FILENAME: 28.08.2004; 04_04_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Daphne Patai/Will H. Corral (Ed.), Theory's Empire. An Anthology of Dissent, New York: Columbia University Press, 2005

REVIEWED BY: Susanne Puissant

KEYWORDS: anthology of literary theory, contemporary criticism, literature

DATE & FILENAME: 29.11.2005; 05_01_pui.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit: Occidentalism – A short History of Anti-Westernism

REVIEWED BY: Ute Manecke

KEYWORDS: anthology of literary theory, contemporary criticism, literature

DATE & FILENAME: 17.01.2006; 06_01_man.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Christopher Cannon: The Grounds of English Literature.

REVIEWED BY: Andrew James Johnston

KEYWORDS: History of Medieval Literature; Literary Theory and Medieval Studies, Medieval Romance

DATE & FILENAME: 25.04.2006; 06_02_joh.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Pamela Allen Brown and Peter Parolin (eds.), Women Players in England, 1500-1660. Beyond the All-Male Stage.

REVIEWED BY: Heike Grundmann

KEYWORDS: Pamela Allen Brown, Peter Parolin

DATE & FILENAME: 1.10.2006; 06_03_gru.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Jerome Klinkowitz: You've Got to Be Carefully Taught: Learning and Relearning Literature.

REVIEWED BY: Pierre-Damien Mvuyekure

KEYWORDS: Jerome Klinkowitz, U.S. Higher Education, Teaching of Literature

DATE & FILENAME: 09.01.2007; 07_01_mvu.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Rodney Symington: The Nazi Appropriation of Shakespeare. Cultural Politics in the Third Reich.

REVIEWED BY: Richard Utz

KEYWORDS: Shakespeare reception in Germany, Third Reich cultural politics and literary study, history of theatre, ideology and literature

DATE & FILENAME: 07.05.2007; 07_02_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Karen Vocke: “Where do I go from here?” Meeting the unique educational needs of migrant students.

REVIEWED BY: Joyce Milambiling

KEYWORDS: education of children, migrant families, ESL, teacher resource

DATE & FILENAME: 29.11.2007; 07_03_mil.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Kim Donehower, Charlotte Hogg, and Eileen E. Schell: Rural Literacies.

REVIEWED BY: Karen S. Vocke

KEYWORDS: Rural, Migrant, Sustainability, Critical Literacy, Rural Education

DATE & FILENAME: 20.02.2009; 09_01_don.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: The Consolation of Queen Elizabeth I: The Queen's Translation of Boethius's De Consolatione Philosophiae. Eds. Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. and Philip Edward Phillips. Tempe, Arizona: ACMRS, 2009. xi + 239 pp. $63.00 hardcover. ISBN 978-0-86698-414-0

REVIEWED BY: Adrienne A. Redding

KEYWORDS: Elizabeth I, Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, Translation

DATE & FILENAME: 13.06.2010; 10_1_red.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Renate Haas and Albert Hamm: The University of Strasbourg and the Foundation of Continental English Studies. L’Université des Strasbourg et la fondation des études anglaises continentales. Die Universität Straßburg und die Etablierung der Anglistik auf dem Kontinent. A Contribution to an European History of English Studies. Contribution à une histoire européenne des études anglaises. Ein Beitrag zu einer europäischen Geschichte der Anglistik. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2009. 228pp. ISBN 978-3-631-58360-9

REVIEWED BY: Richard Utz

KEYWORDS: History of English Studies, University of Strasbourg, Language and Literature Study in Alsace-Lorraine

DATE & FILENAME: 30.07.2010; 10_2_utz.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: Lara Feigel and Alexandra Harris, eds. Modernism on Sea: Art and Culture at the British Seaside.

REVIEWED BY: Todd Kuchta

KEYWORDS: Modernism, Britain, seaside, twentieth-century culture

DATE & FILENAME: 30.11.2012; 12_1_koc.html

AUTHOR & TITLE: François Specq, Laura Dassow Walls, and Michel Granger, eds. Thoreauvian Modernities, Transatlantic Conversations on an American Icon.

REVIEWED BY: Iuliu Ratiu

KEYWORDS: Thoreau, Transcendentalism, science, philosophy, ecocriticism

DATE & FILENAME: 18.09.2014; 14_01_rat.html


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