Das Allerletzte

Polemische Pauschalkritik am deutschen Professor übt das internationale Nachrichtenmagazin Newsweek in seiner Ausgabe vom 8. Dezember 1998:
Once upon a time, German universities were the best in the world. They had star teachers – Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Max Weber. (…)
Nowadays, though, teachers are often listless bureaucrats, recent Nobel harvests have been thinner and ambitious outsiders prefer to go the United States. (…) That makes for unhappy teachers and students. (…)
“During a seminar, the instructor usually doesn’t do a thing except yawn once in a while,” complains Katharina Katt, a political-science major at the University of Heidelberg. As an exchange student at San Francisco State University, she was astonished by the accessibility of her professors…

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