Here they are:

  1. Boas Erez' introduction to the fascinating topic of normal integral bases (in German; hey, the original is Italian! (I think)),
  2. Coates' and Poitou's account of the history of the main conjecture as proved by Mazur and Wiles,
  3. Serre's article on congruences involving Ramanujan's tau-function and their interpretation in terms of l-adic representations;
  4. Velu's exposition of Serre's article on the Galois properties of division points on elliptic curves.
  5. An introduction to complex multiplication of elliptic curves by M. Waldschmidt. This is taken from notes of a seminar in the early 80s that have not been published properly.
  6. The congruent number problem and its connections with elliptic curves and modular forms by Guy Henniart.

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