Curriculum Vitae
1955 born in Finnentrop-Serkenrode, Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
1975 Abitur (A-levels)
1975-1976 military service, medical service
1976-1982 academic studies, psychology, psychopathology, clinical psychology, sciences of education, research methodology
1982 degree in psychology (diploma)
1982-1984 scientific assistant University of Konstanz, special research field 23 (SFB 23) financed by the German Research Council
since 1984 clinical psychologist University of Heidelberg, Department of Psychiatry
since 1985 IT manager of the department
1991 graduation Ph.D.
1999 license to practice behaviour therapy (Approbation Psychologischer Psychotherapeut)
2008 research award of the German Medical Association