Guest Professor and Research Fellow at the Chair:

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Robert Jewett  (Drittm.)

Tel. 06221 - 543320

Kisselgasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg



Junior faculty (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin):


Dr. Heidrun Mader, Wiss. Ass.

Kisselgasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg



Post-graduate student assistants (Hiwis):

Mirjam Daume

Kathleen Ess

Saskia Lerdon

Minuah Jing

In Jung

Hiroko Yamayoshi 



Current doctoral and post-doc students (derzeitige Doktoranden und Habilitanden):


Dr. Heidrun Mader,

Subject of the habilitation project: Paul and Mark: A comparison of their theologies


Dr. Henning Hupe,

Subject of the habilitation project: Righteousness and justice in the Jesus tradition put into dialogue with the corresponding current philosophical discussion


Frank Conrads,

Subject: Mark 15-16 from a constructivist perspective


Mirjam Daume, HGGS scholar

Subject: LukeŇs Jerusalem image in the context of the relationship between Jews/Israel and Christians in Luke-Acts

project description


Kathleen Ess, HGGS scholar

Subject: Eusebeia in pagan, Hellenistic Jewish and early Christian traditions

project description


Minhua Jing, HGGS scholar

Subject: Narratio dirempta? A narratological analysis of the ending of Acts in comparison with contemporary literature of antiquity

project description


In Jung, Gerhard von Rad Foundation scholar

Subject: Passio Christi, tribulatio discipuli: a cognitive-narratological analysis of the Lukan passion story                                                                                  


Saskia Lerdon,

Subject: The lamb motif in Biblical texts and its reception in art history


Hiroko Yamayoshi,

Subject: The fall of Jerusalem reflected in early Christian texts.  

Congratulations to Hiroko for receiving the University of Heidelberg DAAD Award 2014



DAAD Scholar 2014-2015:


Tom McGlothlin, PhD student (Duke University),

subject of dissertation: The relationship between moral transformation and resurrection in Early Christianity



Archaeological project in Phrygia, assistants:


Dr. Gčler Ates & Dr. Vera Hirschmann

Kisselgasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg