Saskia Lerdon


Thesis title:

AGNUS DEI. Contexts of a Motif in Literature and Art


I studied Theology in Berlin and Heidelberg. Afterwards I served as an intern in the Evangelische Landeskirche in Baden.

Currently, I am a doctoral student and a student assistant at Prof. Dr. Peter Lampe’s academic chair.

In my thesis I investigate the christological metaphor of the Lamb of God.

A starting point for this project is the episode of baptism in the Gospel of John (1.29-34), the only instance in the New Testament where Jesus is literally addressed as μνς το θεο. At this point, the Gospel of John also introduces and further develops traditions known from other contexts of the New Testament.

The N.T. metaphor of “The Lamb of God” has strongly impacted European art for two thousand years. Finding numerous examples within the history of painting and sculpture we discover that this metaphor has been consistently reinterpreted and reconfigured in the artists’ historical situations.

A key question is: Have new meanings developed in the course of this historical process that were not originally intended by the authors of the New Testament? Hermeneutical theories such as that of Gadamer help to analyse the material in addressing this question.