Marine Biology and Oceanography

Wooooooooooow - FlatWorms!! 
Atsushi Ono - 4 Galleries with Flatworms from Okinawan Waters!
Reefimages - Galleries Doug & Elaine Stamman Segar - Great Reef Worm Collection!
The Slug Site, Nudibranchs Michael Miller's Page about Nudibranchs - Slug of the Week!
The Okinawa slug site Robert F. Bolland's - Slugs of the Subtropic West-Pacific Ocean 
Mediterranean Slug Site Slugs of the Mediterranean Sea, by Erwin Koehler, Germany
Ruedigers's Cladocera Page Ruediger Rudolph - All about cladocera and rotatoria biology!
Opisthobranch Newsletters Steven J. Long - Opisthobranchs Online in PDF and HTML Format
M@re Nostrum Homepage of Miquel Pontes about Life in the Mediterranean Sea!
The Sea Slug Forum Ask questions, get answers! The Australian Museum - Bill Rudman!
Zubi's Homepage Marine Life, Behaviour of Reef Animals, Glossary of Biol. Terminology
UW Photo of the Week Homepage of Garry McCarthy, CA, USA - Excellent Images!
Jeff's Nudibranch Page Fine Nudibranch Photos from the Philippines, by Jeffrey N. Jeffords
Bibliographia Nudibranchia Gary McDonald - Reference Database about Nudibranchs
CLEMAM Home Page
Check List of European Marine Mollusca - Search Engine
Oceanography on the Net
Oceanography - Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Library
British Columbia Creature Page Life under British Columbia's Ocean Waters by Kerry L. Werry
US Ascidian Home Page Tunicates (Ascidiacea)
Cnidaria Home Page All about Cnidaria!
Crustacea Home Page Biology of Crustacea
Catalog of Marine Fish and Inverts
Database about Marine Life
Carolus Linnaeus About the Founder of "Systema Naturae" (Taxonomy)

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