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This web site is devoted to the study of polyclad flatworms (Phylum: Platyhelminthes, Class: Turbellaria, Order: Polycladida), a group of large, free-living marine flatworms which are mainly found in tropical coral reefs. Although not related to molluscs (Phylum: Mollusca) they are often mistaken for sea slugs (Order: Nudibranchia) because of their brilliant colour patterns.

Collecting images and data about their occurrence, taxonomy and biology these pages may contribute to our knowledge about biology and distribution of these colourful marine invertebrates. Visitors interested in polyclad biology will find an introduction to polyclads below. Since some species shown here could not be exactly identified or have not yet been described, the visitors comments are highly appreciated!

Please note, that most images on these pages have been contributed by enthusiastic UW-photographers bona fide and, therefore, may not be used without written consent of the corresponding author/photographer except for the visitor's private and non-commercial use!

Hopefully, these pages will become a way for underwater photographers and marine biologists to share photos of polyclads which are possibly new!

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For the reader's convenience the following sections about polyclad biology are available in printable Click here for download! format!

 Introduction to the Biology of Polyclad Flatworms


General Introduction to FlatwormsClick here for download!

Anatomy of Polyclad FlatwormsClick here for download!

RegenerationClick here for download!

Food and FeedingClick here for download!

Predation and DefenceClick here for download!

MimicryClick here for download!

Species Variation and DiversityClick here for download!

ToxinsClick here for download!

Mating and ReproductionClick here for download!

Taxonomy and Genera DescriptionClick here for download!

PhylogenyClick here for download!

Polyclads in NeurobiologyClick here for download!

Distribution and FindingClick here for download!

ReferencesClick here for download!

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