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Genus Pseudoceros
Species cf. scintillatus
Family Pseudocerotidae
Order Polycladida
Location Andaman Sea, Burma (Myanmar)
Date January 2003
PHOTO © Copyright Orhan Aytür, Bilkent University at Ankara, Turkey

web site: http://www.ee.bilkent.edu.tr/~aytur/pg/

Comments Pseudoceros scintillatus is known to display an even velvety black background combined with an orange marginal band and numerous large irregularly sized yellow-green maculae, each macula encircled by white, the typical color pattern of P. scintillatus (Newman & Cannon, 1994). However, a significant variability in size and extension of maculae can be observed. Maculae can vary from a single and separate arrangement (see introductory page on "Species Variation and Diversity") to a highly dense or even confluent pattern. It remains to be shown, if this worm is a variant of P. scintillatus or if it resembles a similiar but genetically distinct species.