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Genus Pseudoceros
Species cf. scintillatus
Family Pseudocerotidae
Order Polycladida
Location Okinawa Island, Okinawa, Japan
Depth about 10 m
Date April, 2000
PHOTO © Copyright Mitsuaki Takata, Japan
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Comments An even velvety black background combined with an orange marginal band and numerous large irregularly sized yellow-green maculae, each macula encircled by white, appear to be the typical color pattern of P. scintillatus (Newman & Cannon, 1994). 

However, a significant variability in size and extension of maculae can be observed (small photos). Maculae can vary from single and separate arrangement to a highly dense or even confluent pattern (large photo). It remains to be shown, if all of the shown specimen are variants of P. scintillatus or if they resemble similiar but distinct species.