H. Dieter Zeh (Prof. em.)

D69151 Waldhilsbach – Germany

"Man can retire, but man can never stop thinking …" (Ben Liang Li)


A Frog's Bird's View

This website offers a list of selected publications (in descending chronological order), most of them with links to electronic versions, and some unpublished "web essays" or preprints for download.
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Note that the versions of some early papers offered on this website (including those available from the arXiv) may be draft versions or preprints. Some others are revised versions of their printed originals (compare their dates!).

If you send me a message via "Contact", please provide links to any papers that you want to refer to. I will not generally reveal my email address in order to receive them. I also cannot endorse authors or papers which I do not know (and I cannot check or discuss all manuscripts I receive).